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Cancellation & Return Policy

1.Cancellation refers to cancellation of the order before it has shipped.

2.Customer can ask for cancellation via Email and Dedicated Online Portal(Under Development).

3.Order Can Not Be cancelled once it has shipped or 24 hours have passed since order time. Whichever is earlier.

4.Once received order can be returned if and only if there is any defect or problem with the order type(Eg.Size of a dress,etc). It can not be returned just in case of change of mind.

5.Digital products and non Physical products can not be cancelled or returned under any circumstances.

6.The Policy may change from time to time,hence it is adviced to keep a check on this policy page.

7.Return Can be filed with in 3 days of order received.

8.Return Indicated Both for refund(check the Refund Policy) and for mere change.

9.Our Liability is limited to Refund of the original refund amount (excluding shipping costs).

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