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Debarun acharya


  • Co Founder,CEO &MD of Pather Pane

  • Founder and Host of Wondering Science

  • Born in : October 2002

  • Ciber Issue Instructor

  • Blogger & Youtuber

  • Author

  • Founder and Cheap Producer , Cosmosia Motion Studios

  • Making Music For Change(Under Names XLR22 or Xlr22 or xlr22)


             Debarun Acharya is an "inspired inspiration". He lives in his dreams. When He was 5 years old, SPACE the very word attracted him very much. He then thought to be an astronomer. Later as he grew up his passion grew from a science enthusiastic to a influencer. One who can inspire many young minds.

              The story of his life is very astonishing. He was born in October, 2002 in a town called as Midnapur. Rest of his school days were in Contai,West Bengal,India.He First used to think of sky as a pool of stars.Then he started realizing the idea that how water behaves when light falls on it and this how he learnt about space.

                In November 2015 he first published a video on some UFO(May be/Probably) sightings in a small WhatsApp that he created. Later with the inspiration of some people he started making some more videos on it. This how his Video editing career begin.Later he got fascinated with the cosmobot ideas , AI and Technology related everything. He then learnt how to code HTML and SDK.

                 In 27 August,2017 He officially Launched Pather Pane,A Organization of his dreams. Soon it Turned out to be a successful one with viewers from over 25+ countries.

Later he Started the #wonderingscience movement to revolutionize the way we Think. It Was also A big success. This How The story Goes On...

(To Be Continued...)

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