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Jayati Nanda Acharya


Masters in-Biology

Nationality- Indian

Famous for- Poems,                                    Articles,Songs,etc.

Father-R.N Nanda

Mother- P. Nanda

Associated with-AIR(All India Radio)

Anandamela,ABP group&Suktara

               Smt. Jayati Nanda Acharya was born on  September, 19s  at a town named contai(also known as: kanthi). She belonged to the famous Royal Nanda Dynasty.Her father was R.N. Nanda who was a railway officer of those days. Although she had an royal origin but most of her early life was full of struggle . She is an true ambassador of "Stop Not Till The Goal is Reached" throughout her lifetime,till the day.

                                   Her early childhood days were on a place named Mugberia, where she lived with her Grandparents and studied there her primary and higher secondary education .Later 

she went to Midnapore,WB,India to complete her further 


                                          She has an classical background of 

learning hindusthani classic for over 14 years.Later her love

for her passion led her to found the "patherpane" foundations

to spread her message to the world.

                                          On 27th August,2017 with the help of 

her son Debarun Acharya,she took her first step in building 

her dreams.

J.N Acharya inside All India Radio,Kolkata


Profile of Debarun Acharya

Map displaying Authors Native place ,Mugberia,West Bengal,India

Featured Contents BY- J.N Acharya :
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