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Debarun Acharya

Todays Internet is Full of Fraud stars and they are always in an attempt to fraud people and take out money from them.

A latest type of scam has started specially to the "SBI Credit Card" users where the fraud stars hack or anyway gains access to the bank messaging server coded "SBICARD"and sends message from it to make user believe the fraud star. Then They call from the SBI helpline number(MIND IT IT IS THE OFFICIAL SBI CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER IN THE CARDS SECTION)BY HACKING OR BY HAVING SOME CONNECTION WITH WORKERS OF CUSTOMER CARE AND MAKING CALLS FROM THERE.

Then the fraud star will tell you that your card has been temporary blocked due to some suspicious activity noted.They will then ask your card number ,CVV and otp. They will try to prove themselves genuine by using the messaging center of SBI (The Official One) by sending a message that the card has been temporarily blocked. Then unwillingly you will give them those details and they will make transactions using those credentials.

Several people have been affected by it and the amount taken from some people,s card was as high as 59,000 Rs

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Here is a complaint extract from one such user from consumer complaints:
"My sbi credit card got fraudulently charged for vnd 21411056 on the morning of 18th november 2017. At facebk abee2d6r82 that what sms showed when i wake up and switched on my mobile. Than another transaction vnd 20000 on facebkads message came which got declined by credit card company because they found it suspicious as per sms received from sbi card, to be clear here i did not receive any otp for any of these 2 transactions.
I went on from my mobile the first message it showed me to verify the transactions happened, i declined and then it gave the option to block the card, i block the card, though noticeable part here is that sms had already mentioned before i login that card is blocked.

I called the customer care and expressed my concern to customer care executive mahesh, he said they have recognized the transaction as fraudulent and now they will check the issue, and amount debited from the credit card will be credited. The complaint number given to me is[protected].
I checked my account on it showed 2 transactions under settlement amounting rs.61343 and rs. 58426. I further for records sent complaint message from website putting all the details with screen shots of transaction under settlement. I received acknowledgment email in response with interaction id - 1-[protected]
On next day 19th november 2017, i received a sms at 9:49 am that again attempts to do a transaction of vnd 20393100 on facebkgc67edwr82 which got declined as the card is blocked. It didn't stop here, same day at 4:44 pm i received another message from sbi that txn of usd 3.50 on card declined at artisanhotel # [protected] due to card block.
I checked my account on and found sbi card has put the one amount of transaction rs 61343.47 in my unbilled transactions not only this they have charged currency conversion fee rs. 2147.02 along with other cess charges. I contact on message and write the concern and strictly told again not to issue any card, i received reply, in response to interaction id - 1-[protected] that there team is working on query, i have followed many time and intimated about the later sms’s i received but always i receive reply that their team is working on query.
As now the amount of exchange currency fee, transaction of 61343.47, cess charges, with new replacement charges were added to unbilled transactions of this month making it total to rs. 63, 994.95. I am worried and don’t want further harassment on it.
Our honorable law and it minister ravi shankar prasad is about to host to the global conference on cyberspace, government is emphasizing on cash less and digital economy, i wonder how they are doing it when their main government subsidiary sbi is not able to provide security to their existing customers.
Making end to this complaint, i have attached all the screenshots for reference of sms and from account. I request to the authorities to get this issue resolve and revoke all the charges applied on my credit card account since 18th november 2017, the last transaction done by me was on 8th november 2017 to which i am liable to pay, but not for any transaction after it. I fee worried, harassed and in great tension due to this kind of fraudulent activity and being charged for it."

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